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    GOD replies to the prayer of Habakkuk, but before enlightening him on what he is going to do, God instructs Habakkuk in the way to react to the reply to his prayer. What is so wonderful about these two verses is that we are given instruction as to how we should think and act after engaging in prayer and speaking to God about our needs and concerns.

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  • Crossing Our Jordan - Joshua 3

    The two spies had returned from Jericho, having followed Joshua's orders to check out the land and the city. They had escaped discovery with Rahab's help, and now they give their report to General Joshua. Their hearts were bursting with joy as they said the words of....

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  • Knowing Jesus

    John 17 is the holy of holies in Scripture, for it contains the greatest prayer every prayed on earth, by the greatest man who ever lived, and causes us to take off the shoes from off our feet.. for the place whereon we stand is holy.

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  • Forgiveness

    God's forgiveness is, so to speak, the preliminary grace, which enables the beginning of a new life, so that we become holy and loving children. Forgiveness is the prerogative of him who has been sinned against. "Who can forgive sins save God only?"

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Rooted & Grounded in Love

Do You Know Jesus Christ From Nazareth?


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